Concrete Garage Floor in Roseville CA


Concrete Garage Slabs

Building a garage is kind of significant investment for anyone. And so, one must carefully plan the construction of their garage from the very ground level. One of the most important steps in building a garage is the garage floor as it is going to have all the heavy vehicles on it. So, it must be solid to bare the weight of these vehicles.

A concrete garage slab can be easily installed and can provide long-lasting and superior performance. However, it must be carefully planned, installed, and cured to endure the heavy vehicle loads. There, you need professional hands like Roseville Concrete Solutions, who have years of experience working with concrete and doing repairs. We provide top-notch garage flooring services that last longer for years.

Services we Provide

·    Installations: We help you in the process of laying a garage floor with utmost perfection and satisfaction. Our slabs are poured to last for decades.

·    Replacements: We also replace the existing garage slab with the new one at competitive prices.

·    Repairs: We can also repair your cracked or uneven garage floor if the damage is minor and make it like new at affordable rates.

Why Choose Us

·    Years of Experience:  We have decades of experience pouring concrete in the areas that allows us to deliver premium results to our clients. Our aim to get 100% customer satisfaction drives us to provide the best results.

· Industry-Grade Material:  We use high-grade materials, including best-in-class concrete to ensure a long lasting product.

·    Carefully Planned Process: To attain the best garage flooring results, we do careful planning before making garage slabs.

·    Competitive Price: We aim to provide our top-grade services at the most competitive prices to help our clients get their garage ready without compromising.


How do we Work

1.    Estimation: We do an estimate of the material required, the thickness of the slab, and other things needed for making garage slabs.

2.    Preparation of Base: The base is one of the most important things about the concrete slab. The uneven or loose base can lead to forming cracks at a later stage. So, we carefully prepare the base for a strong and long-lasting concrete slab.

3.    Placement of Reinforcement Steel: We use reinforcement steel to hold the slab in a fixed position and avoid cracks later.

4.    Installing a Vapor Barrier: To avoid moisture moving through the concrete and contracting the slab’s surface, we install vapor barriers on these slabs. Installing these vapor barriers ensures the longevity of the slab.

5.    Making the Right Mix for your Concrete Garage Slab: According to the International Code Council, concrete garage floor slabs should have a strength ranging between 3000-4000 psi. To achieve that, we need to have a good mixture of cement and water. We take care of that and use the least water in the cement to increase the material’s strength.

6.    Curing of Garage Floor Slab: We ensure proper curing is done after finishing the concrete slab. We use mist sprayers to ensure adequate curing of the garage floor slab for better strength.

When Should a Concrete Slab Be Repaired or Replaced?

Even the highest quality concrete will eventually degrade over time leaving you with unsightly damage. If you have an older home that needs a garage renovation, then get in touch with us today.

If you see small cracks or minor hollows on the surface, you can easily resurface to get them fixed, which is a cost-effective solution. One of our experts can assess your concrete to decide what the best course of action will be to achieve your desired results.

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