Concrete Patio in Roseville CA

Professional Concrete Patio Services

A gorgeous patio is a wonderful addition to any property. Using state-of-the-art concrete and a wonderful selection of techniques, our team can provide a well-rounded patio for your needs. Whether it’s a traditional design or something more contemporary, we are more than happy to provide a comprehensive solution that’s in line with your vision. 



Our services include:


  • Concrete Patio Designing
  • Concrete Patio Installations
  • Concrete Patio Borders
  • And More!


Crisp Finishing 

It all starts with the finishing as we understand how important it is to get a well-made concrete patio. This includes the initial consultation, designing, and completion of the project. By going with us, you will know the project is going to be handled professionally and it will have the aesthetic touches you’re after.


Why go with a concrete contractor that doesn’t offer refined finishing?


With our company, you are going to see world-class results and the patio is going to stand out for all the right reasons. 


Loads of Options 

Each client is going to have a unique requirement when it comes to how the concrete patio will look. Having spent years in the region helping clients with their patios, we understand what’s required to make sure there’s a good fit for everyone.


Feel free to discuss these options during the initial consultation. Our concrete specialist will go through each option, its merits, and what will work best for your layout.


Being able to choose through these options is convenient and perfect for those who want the best. We are more than happy to work with your requirements in mind making the process a breeze. 

We installed this gem of a patio for a new home in the Roseville area

Reliable Results

One of the reasons for our team being the best has to do with reliability. You will know by going with us, all relevant safety standards are going to be upheld and we will go the extra mile to deliver great results. This includes making appropriate adjustments throughout the project.


We are always going to ensure the results are picture-perfect and as reliable as you want them to be.


Why go with a team that isn’t going to offer high-quality results? With us, you will know the concrete patio is going to look great and be a joy to use throughout the year!


Affordable Rates

We realize the importance of budgeting and getting a competitive rate for your patio installation. This means using the best materials, techniques, and ensuring the finishing is picture-perfect.


If this is a requirement for your patio then we are the right fit!


We go above and beyond to make sure the rates are competitive and a good option for your property. With us, you will know the rates are going to be good and we won’t cut on quality. 


This is a win-win and that’s what makes us the ultimate option for all of your concrete patio needs.


For more on designing a high-quality concrete patio for your home, give us a call and get started on a beautiful addition to your house. Our concrete specialist will go through all relevant options and make sure your patio looks amazing once complete.


To learn more about our team here at Roseville Concrete Solutions and what we stand for as a local contractor, please take the time to give us a quick call to book your consultation. A trusted concrete specialist will help guide you through the design phase while shedding light on what makes us the right fit for your needs.

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This is a concrete patio we installed with sandstone coloring
Night time shot of this awesome concrete patio install