Concrete Pool Decks in Roseville CA

Quality Concrete Pool Decks

A beautiful concrete pool deck can elevate your backyard and make it a contemporary masterpiece. Having spent years in the industry, we have established experience in providing custom-made concrete pool decks that are fully integrated into a property’s layout.


It’s our dedication to our craft, affordable rates, and undying creativity that ensures you get the best concrete pool deck in Roseville, CA.


Our services include:

  • Customized Concrete Pool Deck Designs
  • Concrete Pool Deck Installations
  • Concrete Pool Deck Maintenance
  • Concrete Pool Deck Repairs
  • And More!

Creative Designs

Choosing a certified contractor means receiving access to a professional team with years of experience and the willingness to show creativity. We always go above and beyond for our clients and make sure the designs are picture-perfect.


To do this, we go through a rigorous consultation process to make sure the design is right.


This includes what materials to use, how the layout is going to be, and what you expect from the new concrete pool deck. For us, each detail is valuable and can set the tone for how the project unfolds. We want to make sure your dream comes to life!


By going with us, you will know durability is never in question.


We always use the world’s finest concrete and pay attention to the finishing. This includes going through multiple quality assurance tests to pinpoint weaknesses that have to be corrected before approval.


In our eyes, you deserve nothing short of the best and that’s all we care about.


Aesthetically Pleasing

A concrete pool deck is not only going to be used regularly but it’s also going to set the tone for the rest of your backyard.


It’s about adding something valuable to your layout that is going to be the centerpiece of a well-crafted layout.


Keeping this in mind, we always provide access to aesthetically pleasing designs that are going to make you smile from ear to ear. This is something we take pride in and it’s something you are going to receive right from the get-go.


Legally Compliant

Compliance is something you never want to ignore when it comes to results.


We realize the importance of following established local regulations and those are always taken into account during the construction phase.


Whether it’s the materials being used, zoning, and/or other relevant details, we will go through them with you one by one. Feel free to ask us questions during this process and we will be happy to answer them along the way.



Why go with us over anyone else that offers concrete pool decks?


Roseville Concrete Solutions takes the time to offer a competitive deal that is affordable and in line with what you require. Don’t overpay for shoddy work and know you are going to see amazing results with us.


If you want to receive a no-obligation quote with our team, please take the time to ring in and book an appointment as soon as possible. Our trusted concrete specialist will be happy to go through the relevant details for what your layout requires.

Fill out the form below and a team member will get back with you as soon as possible.

Concrete pool deck we installed in 2020