Concrete Contractor Near Me

5 things you must consider when choosing a contractor


Whether you live in Sacramento or Roseville selecting a concrete contractor can be a difficult task. One of the most vital aspects of hiring any contractor is to make sure that they have valid insurance. Oftentimes unsuspecting homeowners can find themselves in a sticky situation when they don’t verify this crucial information. This can lead to a number of saying such as property damage, and proper concrete installation, and personal injury lawsuit.


 As you read this article you will want to take note so that you can avoid falling victim to any scam. The first lesson I want to teach you is to never hand over a cash down payment without making sure that the business is licensed and legitimate. Although many reputable contractors will take cash as a down payment, most businesses in this day in age offer homeowners more secure payment options that and include a receipt.



Below are five tips that you need to know when selecting a concrete contractor.



Tip #1- Verify insurance

The very first question you should ask when getting a quote by a concrete contractor is if they can show you a valid and up-to-date copy of their general contractors insurance. The best way to verify any company’s insurance is to make a quick call to the insurance company listed on the policy. Making an assumption based on a piece of paper that they show you can lead you into the bad situations mentioned above. You want to see if they have general liability and workers compensation insurance, if they do not have both of these it’s better to move on to a concrete company that does.



Tip #2-  Check their state license

In California contractors will need a license to perform jobs exceeding $500 including materials and labor. If your concrete contractor is unable to provide you with a valid state contractor’s license you should look for another company to work with. Professional companies will have no problem showing you their state license or any other vital documents that you asked to see.


Tip #3-  Verify and call references

This tip may be a little outdated with the ability to go online and check customer reviews all around the web. You can check their Yelp ratings, their Facebook page and their Google my business ratings to see if there are any bad reviews or customer experiences. You can learn a lot about a company by reading their worst reviews this is oftentimes an exception and not the rule what will show how the company chooses to deal with the issue.



Tip #4- Check their BBB rating

Any concrete contractor in the Sacramento area in good community standings we’ll have a listing on the Better Business Bureau’s website. Visit to check a contractor’s rating and standing and you can also check for scam alerts while you are there.



Tip #5- Quality of craftsmanship

It is always possible that a concrete company has all the right credentials  but does not have Superior craftsmanship. Whether you are making a large investment or a small one you will want to make sure that you get what you pay for. When it comes to, you will want to have long lasting durability that also looks great. This goes back to choosing a concrete contractor that has a long track record of installing quality concrete projects in your area.


Where do you find a vetted concrete contractor near me?

Roseville Concrete Solutions is a top rated, licensed, insured concrete contractor with a long and proven track record in the area. give us a call today to schedule a free design constant consultation and we can discuss your wishes and options.