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Located in the southwest corner of Placer County, Rocklin, Califorina sits about 22 miles to the north of Sacramento. An early destination for gold-seekers, Rocklin’s Secret Ravine still shows signs of the extraction activity during the Gold Rush era. Rich in granite, the area was soon a source of building masonry for state capitol buildings. Since then, Rocklin has grown into a bustling suburb with vibrant residential and business sectors. Both accessible and livable, it enjoys substantial population growth.

Today, Rocklin sits on nearly 20 square miles and is home to almost 70,000 residents. Its 22,010 housing units range from modest dwellings to luxury manors. Far north in the Golden State, Rocklin homes experience a variety of temperatures and weather patterns, leaving driveways, decks and patios subject to the occasional violence of the elements. It goes without saying that homeowners eventually have need for a quality concrete contractor.

Concrete Patio

Californians understand the need to optimize their property use beyond the walls of a house. Outdoor living is central to that value and utilizing space for entertainment as well as family recreation begins with the patio. Because of its longevity and adaptability, concrete is a wise option for those who want a new patio, a replacement patio or simply an extension to the current patio. A concrete patio contractor can install a deck that keeps longer and cleans easier than wood. A concrete patio has no need of frequent paint jobs, board replacements and sandings as do wooden decks. Instead, an annual re-sealing keeps the patio durable and good-looking all year round, an inexpensive maintenance job among other concrete services. Appearance also favors the concrete patio extension because chairs, tables, lighting and other decor complement concrete foundations. It conveys elegance and comfort when poured by a reputable concrete company Rocklin.

Concrete Driveway

Of course, concrete services extend beyond the back yard, yet their advantages are much the same. A concrete driveway lasts longer than asphalt and supports more weight as well. A moving van or landscaper’s truck can leave cracks or craters, warping the driveway visibly. As rainwater and other materials get into these fissures, they aggravate the problem and the unsightliness. On the other hand, a driveway contractor can consult with a home owner on issues like aesthetics, finances and usage to develop a reasonable plan for concrete installation. Looking at the prospect from all four corners, the owner will find concrete more sustainable and enduring; less costly as maintenance goes; and more valuable when the time comes for re-sale. Curb appeal is a significant factor for property appraisers so an intact driveway that looks good adds to a successful sales price.

Stamped Concrete

While on the subject of attractiveness, many property owners opt for stamped concrete that displays ornamental patterns and designs. This type of concrete enhances any patio or deck. Composing the three elements of the stamp are the design, the primary color and the secondary color. Such artistry gives the property a reflection of the owner’s tastes and personality while retaining the functional virtues of concrete — endurance and ease of preservation. A wonderful feature of stamped concrete is that it can be stamped to resemble other materials like brick, flagstone, linoleum, wood and various alternative options. True, this kind of concrete gets pricier as it becomes ever more elaborate. Still, there are ways to tweak costs such as simpler designs and using a single color. In any event, a concrete contractor Rocklin CA works with home owners to fulfill their visions while keeping the price manageable.

Concrete Pool Decks

It goes without saying that pools are not just for swimming. People enjoy sitting around an inviting pool as much as plunging into it. This makes the deck surrounding the pool all the more important. For one thing, it needs to be sleek — without being hazardous — and gentle on bare feet. According to home improvement guru, Bob Vila, a pool deck contractor can also apply a brushed coating to the concrete to minimize slippage (and fall-age!). In addition, pool deck concrete can be stamped in the same manner as patios. Also like patios, there are more alternatives for furniture, umbrella fabrics and other acoutrements with concrete surfaces. Pool deck repair is easier, too, and replacement is rarely a worry with concrete decks. Finally, concrete is more resistant to water damage than most other materials. That alone makes the case for concrete pool decks.

Retaining Walls

Landscapers often recommend retaining walls as a bulwark against soil erosion. Plus, they are employed as barriers between gardens and the rest of a lawn for example. Their shapes and dimensions are often conceived based on how much and what kind of soil they support. Furthermore, they can be made of bricks, rocks, boulders or timbers…or concrete blocks. Whether a continuous wall of concrete or a cinder block wall is a decision made by the property owner in consultation with a retaining wall contractor. We would also like to mention our partners that do windshield replacement in Rocklin, call them for any form of auto glass repair. Back to concrete which is often the preferable component due to its assets as a durable, low-maintenance material. The contractor can also advise as to length, width and height of the retaining wall.

Concrete Slab

While adding little of an aesthetic quality to a home or building, the concrete slab is essential to a structurally sound domicile. A concrete slab is pored for foundations, floors and ceilings. A ground-bearing slab sits right atop the foundation while a suspended slab maintains space between the concrete and the foundation. In multi-level office buildings, slabs are made from thinner, pre-cast concrete and inserted between steel frames to create the multiple floors and ceilings. In most homes, concrete slabs rest on a bed of insulation because resting directly on the soil conducts heat away from the slab — and the home –and into the earth beneath. A competent concrete contractor will inspect a foundation before concrete pouring takes place. Concrete slab pouring is not as simple an operation as it might seem.

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